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Facing a criminal charge, call me. Hurt in an accident, call me. Need a custody or divorce lawyer, call me.


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Criminal Defense

Auto Accident and Business Law

Criminal Defense

John Harte understands criminal law better than most. Experience gained as a public defender, judge and witness to justice and the miscarriage of justice for decades gives John the knowledge to handle criminal cases of all kinds.

John’s personal and professional experience  gives him the ability to defend his clients against  the awesome and sometimes misguided power of the State 

Aggressive, fair, determined, when the going gets tough, you want a tough lawyer standing with you.

Divorce and Custody

Auto Accident and Business Law

Criminal Defense

Divorces and child custody cases are always tough. You deserve a lawyer who has your best interests at heart. And, you want one that will not wilt when the other side takes a hard line. John Harte has a well earned reputation for aggressive and effective representation. Ask any of his clients. Better yet, ask someone who has been on the other side.


Auto Accident and Business Law

Auto Accident and Business Law

Auto Accident and Business Law

In Aiken County few lawyers have the reputation for success that John Harte enjoys. From million dollar settlements to hard fought victories at trial, lawyer Harte has been and is again right there. 

Contingency fees  for auto accidents never exceed 15% and payment plans if you are being sued or need a lawyer for your business are just two reasons to consider John’s services. 

But the best reason for using John is that he is loyal to his clients and works tirelessly for them. 

From 1971 to 2009 and now again in 2019, John Harte, with the unique experience gained as a civil trial judge, knows how and when to push and he knows how to deal with tough insurance adjusters and defense lawyers. 

If you want more than a slick image on a TV screen, call John today @ 803 226 0755 . He’s reasonable, tough and easy to reach. 

Contact John 803 226 0755 available 9am to 9pm

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John Harte Attorney and Mediator

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